Conjuring Radical Change in 2020

Tere and Aurora are joining forces again to give you the lowdown on the key astrological influences of 2020. We will meet via a Zoom conference call on January 5 to conjure up magic for radical change.

Astrology from a Witch’s perspective—a web of interdependency

We’ll give you the transits for the year in context, how they relate to larger cycles with suggestions on how to work with this information to craft the magic that serves collective and personal healing. Starsdance magic encourages relationship with sky and earth. Wise teachers are everywhere. These relationships help us remember we are interdependent. Healing can’t be done in isolation. Neither can magic. Global change is connected to personal change. Interdependency is the healing and the magic we seek.

Magic begins with intention. What do you desire? What is your calling? What questions do you carry into this next year?  Intention begins with knowing what we want. Space will be given In this webinar to name your intention. Who is listening? Relationship is exchange. We invite you to cultivate a relationship of exchange with planetary allies to manifest intention. Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter play big roles in the coming year. What do these Godds require of us? What will they offer?

Astrology from a queer perspective

The queer eye we turn on the transits of 2020 celebrates our indomitable spirits as we recognize that toxic structures are tumbling around us. We want change. We need change. We are the change. And it isn’t easy being this amazing. Astrology from the queer perspective supports the ways we struggle to be the change in a world. We need each other!

Saturn and Pluto come together in a conjunction in Capricorn on January 12. Such meetings between planets are the beginning of a longer cycle. This much anticipated conjoining of Saturn and Pluto is an enormous opportunity to infuse a new three-decade cycle with queer magic—daring to love who we love, daring to be who we are in connection to community. We will discuss the symbolism inherent in this moment and then outline how Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn, ending the year in the Great Conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius, will lead us into a new era of radical change.

These are big transits impacting us personally and globally. You will receive information that can help you tailor these moments to your life. Come conjure with us! 

Register for the Zoom Webinar at:

The sliding fee is $40 – $20

The magic happens on January 5 from 4pm – 6pm U.S. Central time

If you can’t make the call, the webinar will be recorded. Your registration and fee will give you access to the recording and supporting documents.

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