Queering the Planets

The mystery school that my partner, Aurora Dawning, and I founded this year is the manifestation of a dream. We are co-creating a space where queerness can grow a new form of astrology, a new way to be in relationship with the lineage of astrology. We are not the only astrologers to claim the queer eye in our approach to astrology. That isn’t the claim. This queer astrology movement, like so many queer movements, springs up from the wild spirit of queerness itself. Of course, there is queer astrology, and of course, there is no one way to practice or understand queer astrology. Here’s the confession: we haven’t really settled on what we mean by queer astrology yet. But we have some clues.

Queerness lives in contrast to dominant culture, daring to question and challenge messages that keep us smaller and disconnected. Queerness challenges assumptions about gender, about worthiness, about cultural values. Queerness challenges internalized systems of oppression. A queer astrology can help us to challenge these structures. A queer astrology can examine itself for internalized oppressions. A queer astrology can create new ways to be in relationship with the sky, the Earth, and with ourselves.

Is queer astrology right for you? Yes, if you are eager to challenge paradigms, are seeking the intersection of authenticity with social justice, and if you are supportive of queer identity. Please join us!

Registration for our next class, Queering the Planets is open right now. The class begins May 22. Find out more about this class and register here.