The Moon’s Paintbox

“Everything that happens to us is gathered and held by the Moon.”

Darby Costello in The Astrological Moon

The Moon gathers and absorbs energy. The Moon also emits that same energy back to us. Is the Moon waxing? Is the Moon waning? Is it full and pulling on the tides of our emotions? Is it dark and releasing us into restfulness? What is the Moon telling us? How is the Moon influencing us?

I think the Moon is the most important “planet” in a birth chart. I also think the Moon is the most important influencer upon the energy and color of the day. The Moon gathers, holds, and releases energy, memory, mood, whatever we need to get through the day. If you are only going to pay attention to one thing in astrology, I would say, make it the Moon.

We only have to watch the Moon over the course of one month to notice that this Godd is all about change. Every day the Moon is a different shape. Each day the Moon rises and sets at a different time. Every 2 1/2 days, the Moon changes signs. The Moon governs our day-to-day lives of navigating the small changes: how our bodies feel; our capacity to deal with stressors; what stands out and what recedes from awareness; and anything having to do with emotion.

When we were born, the Moon was coloring the day. That color became the signal that helped us decipher our first feelings: how does it feel to be in this body? What are the stressors in the environment? Will I be cared for? How do I express my needs?

The Moon tells such a complicated and simple story. Life is about sensing and adapting to small changes. It is about joining the flow and beginning to navigate our way to desired destinations. Following the Moon through signs and phases helps us navigate.

As a Hedge Witch, paying attention is the key to being in my power and in relationship to the world around me.

We can learn to pay attention to what the Moon so generously gathers and holds for us. As a Hedge Witch, paying attention is the key to being in my power and in relationship to the world around me. Perhaps now is the time to define what a Hedge Witch is. I call myself a Hedge Witch because my magic is centered in pragmatic relationships. My magic is to do what is needed in the way that best suits the need. Magic can involve special skills like journeying into spirit realms or devising spells of power to bring about change, but magic can also be as simple as noticing the color of the day and doing what is needed in response. I delight in tracking subtle energy with the Moon and cultivating responses that help manifest the changes I seek.

I will soon be starting an online class through our Starsdance Mystery School, Conjuring Signs. The intent is to teach the art of following the Moon through the signs of the zodiac. We will follow the Moon in real time, students receive an email with a lesson and prompts about each sign just when the Moon enters that sign. We will share our insights, tracking what we are noticing and the magic we are doing in response. This is a great class for people new to using astrology for a mindfulness and magical practice.

The Moon’s Elemental Paintbox

Fire signs – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: are dynamic and instinctual. They seek self-awareness and self-expression. The fire signs are about energy. These colors are fiery, of course. Through the fire sign colors we learn about all the stages of our flames: from spark, to blaze, to ember, to ash. The Hedge Witch lovingly tends the flame, knowing how and when to add more fuel.

Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: are pragmatic and determined. They provide the ground and containment needed for manifestation. These colors are earthy, of course. Through these earth colors we experience what is most valuable in tangible terms through our bodies, our work, and our ambitions. The Hedge Witch welcomes the wisdom of the Earth, knowing when and how to listen and when and how to act on that wisdom.

Air signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius: are social, curious, and analytical. They learn, teach, and connect us to ideas and each other. These colors are bright, can you see them? Even if you can’t, these air colors build structures in the mind, and from the mind create structures that expand what it means to be human in relationship. These signs govern intention, invention, and words. The Hedge Witch listens to every word and speaks only the words they can back up with action. Words can heal. Our minds shape the world.

Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: are intuitive and attuned to emotion. These signs use emotional intelligence to navigate their way through life. These colors are watery, as one would expect. That means they reflect the mood around them, can be dark or bright, compassionate or brooding. Emotions carry memories and meanings that can only be found in the power of water. The Hedge Witch remembers and knows that water travels in cyclic ways. Whatever emotion is arising now will fall away to be replaced by another. The Hedge Witch tracks the currents.

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★ DATES: Nov. 30, 2021 – Jan. 4, 2022
★ DURATION: Five weeks
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In this class, we follow the Moon in real time through each sign over the course of one lunar cycle to enhance your understanding of each sign’s power and energy. This class covers the Queer elements of astrology and the genetics of a sign. With an understanding of the signs, we conjure deeper relationship with the Cosmos. All our classes include a weekly Zoom study group – Chart Reflections, instructional materials, a workbook, and online discussion on the social media platform: Discord.