Shaping Change: Astrology of January 6, 2021

Moon in Libra
January 6—Last Quarter Moon: Setting New Seed

God is change.       

All successful life is
Interconnected, and
Understand this.
Use it.
Shape God.
Octavia Butler – Parable of the Sower

(thank you to adrienne maree brown for teaching us about Octavia Butler)

I didn’t write my forecast yesterday. I lost track of the days and didn’t realize it until the momentous day of January 6 was well underway.

What I write today isn’t a forecast about January 6. It is a reflection on what January 6 might mean. This will not be the only time we see the violence of white supremacy this year. We haven’t even gotten into the hard part of the year by transit. Three times this year (Feb, June, and Dec.), Saturn in Aquarius will make a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. This is a clash between radical forces and conservative forces. Apart from externalizing who represents these archetypal forces, because it can be any of us at any time, I think it is better to think about what this stage of development is offering and challenging us to do. Uranus represents change. Saturn represents structure. We are in a moment of changing structure through the experience of conflict and struggle. We have many choices to make concerning how we want and need to move through change. Our choices will influence the type of change that is possible. This is a moment of shaping the world we want. We need to pay attention to everything.

After the coup attempt yesterday, I wanted to look at the transits to the national chart I use for the U.S. It is called the Sibley Chart. See attached chart. The inside wheel is the Sibley Chart. The outside wheel shows the position of the planets at the moment the Associated Press reported that members of the Congress were being evacuated from chambers.

To note:

Mars was at the last degree and the last moment of Aries at the beginning of the insurrection. Mars entered Taurus at 5:26 pm (EST) later that day. By the time Mars entered this earthy fixed sign, the National Guard had been called in, a curfew established, and the mob was starting to exit the building with minimal arrests. Mars has been in Aries for an extended time since late June. In Aries, Mars is known for conflict and flashpoints of violence. This year, as Mars moves much quicker through the signs, this godd will transit the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio—creating more flashpoints activating the Saturn/Uranus tension of the year.  Mars in Taurus comes to a boil slowly. It holds onto the pressure of reaction until it must release. Maybe you are feeling pressure building in you. Find ways to release and channel anger. Our choices around this pressure will shape change. All planets in Taurus are reminding us to cherish our bodies—our human bodies, and all other bodies, too.

The Moon was in Libra, a sign that seeks justice. The Moon was transiting U.S. Saturn in Libra, trining U.S. Mars in Gemini and would later activate by trine, the U.S. Moon in Aquarius. These are all air signs. Air is the element by which we will shape the most change for the next 200 years! We can choose how to be informed by air. For me the three air signs remind me to be interdependent (Aquarius), untamed (Gemini), and oriented towards justice (Libra). The national myth played out yesterday in how the police reacted to white supremacists (not much) and the ways that politicians repeated over and over that the U.S. is “better” than this (are we?), and that we can trust law and order (tell that to people of color). Air tells stories. It is up to us to see what the stories are trying to get us to believe.

The most striking transit of the day was: Transiting Mercury in Capricorn was exactly conjunct U.S. Pluto, and transiting Pluto in Capricorn was exactly opposite U.S. Mercury in Cancer. Mercury is about thought, message, tools. Mercury is the trickster godd who appears small yet has a huge impact. In the U.S. chart, Mercury is retrograde, at its most powerful as trickster and manipulator. Mercury represents the national myth. The way we tell ourselves stories to justify a very unjust history. Pluto is the godd of secrets and truths—the real truths—the ones we try to hide away. By transit, Pluto is revealing the weakness of myths and rationalizations. In the U.S. chart, Pluto represents the way power holds onto power. Transiting Mercury, small Mercury, is taking on the big task of exposing power’s machinations.

The first Pluto return for the United States. Next year (Feb 2022), Pluto returns by transit to the same degree and sign when the U.S. was born. Pluto’s process is to hold secrets and traumas in the underworld until we are ready to integrate them. The things hidden in the underworld become treasures when we acknowledge the harms done to us or by us. This is a healing process that involves death of old forms. Pluto helps us cross the thresholds that separate life and death. We are in a dying process and a birthing process. This is a very potent moment to shape change.

At the last quarter phase, we begin the process of taking what we need to pass on from the experiences of the lunar cycle. This lunar cycle began with a Solar Eclipse, held the great conjunction and ingress of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, and now sees Mars finally leaving Aries. That has been a lot to download. Trust that the seeds you nurture now are the right ones. The wildness of nature insures there will be wonder produced from our hearts reaching for connection. For that I am grateful.

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