What Queer Astrology Means to Us

Curious about STARSDANCE MYSTERY SCHOOL? This video will give you a taste. Tere and Penske talk about our approaches to astrology. Both of these astrologers co-facilitate a weekly Zoom gathering of students to talk about astrology. We reflect on someone’s chart and practice finding the questions in the chart.

This session happens once a week on Monday nights, and is one of the offerings we give to members of the school. See our PATREON page to read about all 4 tiers of membership: Comets, Asteroids, BIPOC Moons, and Planets.

Do you want your chart discussed in our forum? Email starsdance.mysteryschool@gmail.com

A new class begins on May 11: Queer Perspectives on the Houses.

In this class we turn our queer eyes to the houses of modern, psychological astrology and traditional astrology. We will walk between the worlds of Placidus and Whole Sign systems to explore the core places of our lives—the 12 houses of astrology.

Students may use the house system they prefer, as we ask these questions: What is the difference between these systems? How does each system change the flavor of your astrology? How do you choose which to use? Can we use more than one, and why?

Tere has used Placidus for 25 years and this system works really well for them. At Starsdance Mystery School, we support diverse interpretations and uses of astrology. We will continue that value in this class.

Sometimes it seems like house system is where most astrologers disagree. What is the queer perspective to the challenge of house systems? What is the third path?

What You’ll Learn:

– Meanings of houses
– Differences in Placidus and Whole Sign
– Magical, spiritual, and psychological approaches to houses