Relating with the Elements: an astrological workshop for living a magical life

Buttermilk Falls at Philadelphia Community Farm

When the isolation phase of the pandemic began, I took many solitary walks in my urban neighborhood. Although I could choose a full 360-degree-circle of options, my feet always took me towards a community garden near my house. My body and my soul needed this connection with land. This relationship anchored me as I moved through the seasons of this last difficult year.

Have you also discovered a deeper relationship to land? Are you still looking for that connection?

Magic for me is the practice of relationship. Magic is about cultivating change. Relationship with land is the primary practice that helps me be the change I want to see in the world. My feet turn me towards this relationship over and over. It is as deep and sure as anything I have found in my life.

My astrology seeks to cultivate deeper relationship to self, to magic, and to the elements of life—fire, earth, air and water. I am so excited to offer a workshop about these elements on land that is tended in a sacred way, Philadelphia Community Farm, through the Buttermilk Falls Folk School.

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When: July 24
10:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Buttermilk Falls Folk School
599 280th St, Osceola, WI

Cost is $60

This experiential workshop is geared to be accessible to beginners in astrology but will appeal to folks who have studied it, too. Participants will learn about the elements—fire, earth, air, and water— in their birthcharts. Interact with the elements on the beautiful land at Philadelphia Farm. Learn to track the Moon through signs and phases to develop a practice of communing with the elements. And, how to apply this knowledge to our relationships.