Magic, the Stars, and You: Checking in with Starsdance Mystery School

Classes are beginning again at Starsdance Mystery School. We launched the school in March 2020 and we are excited to welcome new students this fall with a years’ worth of curriculum grounded in queer astrology.

We begin with the foundations in The Magic of Earth and Sky. This 4-week online class, beginning September 14, gives a foundation for magical/astrological practice in the “Starsdance tradition.”

It feels kind of lofty to call our school a tradition, but we do have a unique way of approaching the study and practice of astrology. Our website gives a good introduction to our basic philosophy of community, magic, and astrology. Please look it over. I am really proud of it.

Core to our mission is a place where queerness is celebrated. There are many ways to practice astrology. Perhaps you are wondering if you are a Traditional Astrologer, Modern Astrologer, Archetypal Astrologer, Postcolonial Astrologer, Magical Astrologer, or … Perhaps you already know your style of astrology. Perhaps you didn’t even know there were so many choices. There are, and more! In our school we are curious about the different threads of astrology and seek to weave together our diversity. Queer Astrology is rooted in authenticity. There are many ways to be true to ourselves.

We think community is key to keeping our astrology vibrant and growing. We learn from each other. Our Discord platform provides choice for participation. Students get to engage as much or as little as they choose. Our teachers and facilitators are always ready to begin conversations, deepen knowledge and answer questions.

If online discussion isn’t your thing, you can opt to only receive the packets emailed to you weekly during the course of our classes. The packets are written by members of our teaching team and include reflection points to study your natal chart and invitations to practice magic or ritualize astrology for yourself.

Another feature of our school is a weekly Zoom session, Chart Reflection, where students apply the astrology they are learning by looking at charts and answering questions from chart volunteers. This session helps ground the theory into practice.

In the Magic of Earth and Sky, you will learn to investigate your style of astrology and how it might intersect with a magical practice of relationship to Earth and Sky. Cabra, my co-facilitator in this class writes about this class: “Astrology can often feel far away. The planets live in scales our minds can have trouble grasping. In Magic of Earth + Sky, we ground our practice of astrology in the connections between Earth and the rest of our solar system.”

A special part of this class will be a live online Libra Equinox ritual on September 21. We’ll use astrology to inspire our devotions and our intentions in the magic. You do not need to be an experienced ritualist or magical worker to take this class. We hope you will bring curiosity and a willingness to step into the wonder of relationship between Earth and Sky. Your participation will be the magic.

Our schedule for the next year:


  • The Magic of Earth and Sky – September 14 – October 12
  • Moon Magic: following intention through the 8 phases of the Moon – October 26 – December 2
  • Conjuring Signs: following the Moon through the cycle of zodiac signs – November 30 – January 4, 2022


  • Queering the Planets (Track 1) and Transits (Track 2) (both tracks can be taken simultaneously or separately)
    Personal Planets – Sun through Mars – January 28 – February 22
    Jupiter and Saturn – March 8 – March 29
    Chiron through Pluto – April 12 – May 10
  • Planets in Aspect: the nature of planetary dialog – June 1 – July 27
  • Queer Perspectives on the Houses: the multiple ways to understand the houses – August 2 – August 30

Students may join at any time. Class materials will only be available during the class.

You are registered for the class if you sign up for the BIPOC Moons tier or the Planets tier on our Patreon. It is that easy!

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