Iron Pentacle is Leo Magic

The Iron Pentacle is a wonderful tool for Leo Magic. Here is my Leo New Moon intention and forecast for the New Moon of July 28, 2022. The medicine is in our challenges.

Moon enters Leo 1:36 am CDT
July 28—New Moon: Seeding

I have been looking forward to the new Moon in Leo even though the astrology of this month will hold challenges. It is as if we are being given, with this new Moon, the medicine we need to transit through the challenges and changes of this moment. Do you believe there is medicine within a challenge? How do you find it, remember it?

The Sun is the core of the magic of a Leo lunar cycle. The Sun rules this fixed fire sign. The Sun is the core of ourselves, too. We are Suns. We are magic. We are medicine. How easy does that sit with you in the moment? It is important to notice. I’ve been having a conversation with my inner judge. We are trying to make peace with each other, modify our methods to cause ourselves less suffering. This morning, I asked my judge what would he rather do than try to get me to twist my shape into the right form. My judge told me he wanted me to be proud. Pride nourishes my judge. He can relax when I feel proud and satisfied with my efforts. My judge feels less anxious when he knows I have impact that is centered in accountable belonging. He cares that I care. I need to reassure him that I do.

Back in the day, I learned from my teacher, Starhawk, that magic was the art of changing consciousness at will. This definition, which has been attributed to Dion Fortune, is still the kernel of how I understand magic. If I can’t bring my desire into awareness and hold it consciously, I won’t know what my magic is. Without conscious awareness I won’t be able to hold the pride necessary to quell the fears of my inner judge or attain my desires. In astrology, consciousness is the Sun and the judge is Saturn. Saturn has been transiting Aquarius (Saturn’s domicile) since 2020. The Sun in Leo (Sun’s domicile) will be opposite Saturn during this lunar cycle, by sign the whole Leo month and by degree on August 14. Our work this cycle is to consciously engage with the internal judge. Pride plays a part in the work.

I love working with pentacles. Last month, during the Cancer cycle, I worked with the Care Pentacle. In Leo season, I often turn to the Iron Pentacle. As a refresher. Pentacles are a tool of embodiment. The five points are anchored in the body, usually the head, feet and hands. The practice is to move energy between the points. Stuff comes up. The Iron points are Sex, Pride, Self, Power, and Passion. (Resource: “Magic of the Iron Pentacle” by Gede Parma and Jane Meredith). Leo thrives on this dynamic, enlivening energy. I thrive when I claim these points as birthright. Shame has no place to hide.

Pride will be my medicine and magic for this Leo lunar cycle. Will you claim your magic, too?

The fixed signs will be activated this lunar cycle, especially during the first two weeks, culminating with the full Moon in fixed air sign Aquarius on August 11. Here is the lay of the land. Saturn is in Aquarius. Uranus is in Taurus (fixed earth) along with Mars and the north node of the Moon. The south node is in Scorpio (fixed water) and for now, the Moon, Mercury and the Sun are in Leo. Fixed signs bring things to a crisis point. There is no mistaking the issues. Core values are being expressed and challenged through the squares and oppositions that form between these signs. The Taurus emphasis activates anxiety over resources. Saturn has high expectations and can really constrict our options. Leo searches for significance, impact, and affirmation. With so much intensity in the world, we can feel the pressure to measure up to the task or we can feel a complete deflation of our spirits. This is where binaries don’t help. Good/bad right/wrong just gets in the way keeping us bouncing between these forces. Yes/and helps us integrate. Yes, resources are threatened and life force is abundant. Yes, I have high expectations for myself, and also, pride is my birthright, not what I earn. What dichotomies do you need to integrate?

Pressure points in this cycle will be felt around these dates:

July 28. This new Moon. Mercury in Leo makes a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus and later a square to the nodes of the Moon (Taurus/Scorpio). The pressure is to understand, communicate, make use of the perils we find ourselves in. Taurus emphasis can bring up issues of survival and our right to pleasure and comforts.

July 31. Uranus conjoins the north node of the Moon. We are at an evolutionary crisis point. How do we choose life? Change will make us define our values.

August 1. Mars conjoins Uranus. This is a volatile influence, possibly violent, probably unexpected disruption. Mars is the passion point on the iron pentacle. What do you care about? We can’t sit by and do nothing. Be proactive and try to avoid being reactive.

August 7. Mars makes a square to Saturn. If the conjunction with Mars and Uranus added a turbo blast to our lives, the square between Mars and Saturn abruptly applies the brakes. We might get whiplash. These two will give us some kind of challenge that will feel insurmountable. Be patient. Our nervous systems are getting a workout. Breathe. Release. Breath back in Leo virtues like strength, nobility, and dignity. You are enough.

August 11. Full Moon in Aquarius. Sun square Uranus.Venus enters Leo. There is still more to learn about our essential natures and changes in our world. This full Moon is big and dynamic. Leo magic is needed. Venus is here to make our Leo magic enticing and beautiful.

August 14. Sun opposes Saturn. Pride and judgement face each other. The magic of this lunar cycle has been leading up to this point. What are you learning? How have you changed?

Another ingredient to the magic of the new Moon seed. Jupiter in Aries stations retrograde at the new Moon. Jupiter is on their way back to Pisces land for a few months. But today, Jupiter is strong and in a supportive, invigorating trine with the Leo Sun. That trine perfects on July 31. Gather strength, light, joy, pride, power, and passion. Let life force flow through you. May you deeply know your essential worth.

Each phase of the Moon lasts 3 ½ days. Each phase is a new stage of development from seed to compost. Each phase is a time to reflect on our intentions and experiences that challenge and support those intentions. What we think we are planting becomes something different than expected. Along with the Moon, we wax and wane and wax again, a spiral of living and dying that does not end.

Written by Tere Parsley Starnes Book an appointment with Tere at Contact: Study with Tere at Starsdance Mystery School