November 2022 Starsdance News

November’s Celestial Highlights
I am writing this the night before the U.S. Election that takes place on the same day as a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Anticipation and worry are high at this time. Eclipses have a way of stirring the cauldron. Although the astrology of this moment describes a lot of change, it is hard to predict just what kind of changes are in store. If you are the kind that likes to add your magic to the moment, I would suggest aligning with the transformative processes of death and rebirth.

The nodes of the Moon are eclipse points. The signs where the nodes occur represent our evolutionary journeys. What are we leaving behind? What are we moving towards? Astrology would say that Taurus represents a growing edge and Scorpio represents things we are learning to do differently. The opportunity is to leave behind resistance to change/death and move towards life. 

This eclipse election is a powerful moment to choose our direction, but it isn’t the only one. More eclipses in these signs are coming next year. In May 2023, there will be a lunar eclipse in Scorpio, and in October, another lunar eclipse in Taurus. 

The remainder of the Scorpio season (until November 22), Venus and Mercury in Scorpio are activating planets of social tensions: Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. We are in a time of system overthrow. The eclipses activate our fears around this, but also provides a powerful moment to have a different relationship to change. 

When the Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22, we enter a new challenge—what we can learn from the retrograde of Mars through Gemini. Mars stationed retrograde in Gemini on October 30. Mars will station direct in Gemini on January 12, 2023. Mars takes a retrograde journey every two years. They are periods of time when we reflect on conflict, anger, desire and will. Mars gets frustrated by retrograde movement. This planet can feel entitled around going after what it wants and when it wants it. Do you feel frustrated too? What are we meant to learn about conflict, will and desire?

These dates are important (more will come in December.):
November 28 – Mars trine Saturn. Saturn is here to help us feel good about slowing down. The trine aspect eases anxiety and frustration. 
November 29 – Mercury in Sagittarius opposite Mars. This is a provocative contact. Notice arguments about beliefs and facts. Who wants the last word? How can we argue better?November 30 – Venus in Sagittarius opposite Mars. This is another provocative contact. The conflict is around justice, fairness, and wisdom. There is a big picture to keep our eyes on. Are our conflicts petty? Can we let go of our small ideas for the bigger cause? 

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Mystery School News
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Find out more about Starsdance Mystery School on our website. The facilitation team of Tere Parsley Starnes, Hemlock Shining Coil and Bonnie Maye are queer Reclaiming Witches and passionate about the intersection of intentional magic and astrology. We invite you into the conversation. Our Discord server is a benefit for all our Patrons and is a great way to share your journey and ask your questions in community.