image: Tere wearing glasses in front of a teal wall
text: Tere Parsley Starnes, astrologer, they/them

My astrology is rooted in the cycles and wisdom of the Earth. It is queer, radical, and oriented towards being the change we want to see. For me, astrology is a tool for practicing mindful intention—a blend of self-awareness with a desire for change and manifestation.

I’ve been a professional astrologer since 1995. I practice a modern form of astrology that I call Queer Hedge Witch Astrology—a pragmatic blend of liberatory, magical, archetypal, and psychological astrological practices. I use the Placidus house system (and I am happy to tell you why). I am a writer and teacher, specializing in astrology and earth-based spirituality. The Reclaiming Tradition is one of my spiritual homes, blending reverence for the Earth with a responsibility for action.

In addition to consultations:

  • I write a daily forecast, Follow the Moon, based on the 8 phases of a lunar cycle.
  • I teach astrology through Starsdance Mystery School which I co-founded with Aurora Dawning. Find other offerings in my blog. Stay in touch by signing up for my email list.
  • My practice is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Consultations take place through Zoom. Inquire about in-person sessions in my office.

To contact Tere, please email them: tere@starsdanceastrology.com

One thought

  1. To my astrology partner, mentor and friend: I am so grateful for you! Your generosity, insight, ambition and teachings continue to motivate me remain open and dedicated to a perpetual state of celestial Awareness. May our Mystery School continue to reveal the tune from Above so that we can all dance among the stars ★


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