An explanation of Tere’s payment structure

Money is important.  I strive to be conscious of money’s limitations and ways it can perpetuate injustices. The pay structure for my astrology services is created with the idea of fair exchange, respect for myself and my clients, and with the hope that I can offer my services to marginalized people at a reduced price. This means that if you are a member of privileged groups (i.e.,white, cisgendered, straight, or well-compensated for your work), then I am asking that you pay the fees listed. 

If you are a person of color, indigenous, queer, trans/non-binary, and/or disabled, you may set the amount you pay on the sliding scale under the type of reading you are selecting. Also note that I offer one free reading a month to artists and activists.

Note about missed appointments. It happens rarely, for which I am grateful, but if you are not able to make it to the scheduled appointment without emailing me first, I charge a $50.00 missed appointment fee, which will not apply to future appointments that may occur.

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