image: moon cycle elapsed time photograph with yellow, red and white colored moons

I invite you to step into my astrological practice.

My forecast, Follow the Moon, gives daily guidance for the changing energies of the moment, held within the container of a lunar cycle. I offer this forecast as a way to experience sacred Time. The Moon guides us into mindful, magical intention.

The forecast is published at the beginning of each of the 8 lunar phases of a lunar cycle.

image: drawing of a sprouted herb with roots and buds

New Moon—Seeding.
Crescent Moon—Germinating.
First Quarter Moon—Sprouting.
Gibbous Moon—Budding.
Full Moon—Blossoming.
Disseminating Moon—Fruiting.
Last Quarter Moon—Setting New Seed.
Balsamic Moon—Composting.

The philosophy behind the practice:

“If we surrendered to the Earth’s intelligence we’d rise up rooted like trees.”
Rainer Marie Rilke

It starts with a seed. An intention. A desire. It starts with opening. It starts with naming. Magic is linked with the Earth’s intelligence. I believe the direction that magic wants to take us is toward rooted relationship. And that relationship is everything. We are in relationship with the seeds, the water that softens and nourishes the seed, the soil that houses the seed, and the sky that welcomes it as it reaches for the Sun. We are in relationship with each other and with all the parts of ourselves.

image: sprouting plant rising out of the dirt on a sunny day

The Earth has intelligence, telling us how to be the seed. How to go from seed to seedling to blossom to seed again. I believe that if we somehow oriented our lives to this intelligence, we’d be worthy inhabitants of this Earth. We’d be in good relationship. This astrology column is about that.

I follow the Moon through the rhythms of waxing and waning, through signs, and through seasons. In the 1930s, astrologer Dane Rudhyar, gave the world the scaffolding upon which to build rooted relationship with the sky and Earth—the eight phases of the Moon. These eight phases describe the primal cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. This cycle is the plant’s cycle, which is the pattern that magic takes to manifest change and rooted relationship.

There are two ways you can receive my forecast.

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Option #1 – Become a Student

If you join Starsdance Mystery School, you will receive the Follow the Moon forecast and a Workbook Journal based on it. This option is good for people learning astrology and seeking astrological community.

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Option #2 – Become a Subscriber

My personal Patreon delivers this daily forecast to your inbox. This option helps support my work and you will receive only the Patreon emails that contain my forecast.

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