Here are some of the commonly asked questions about Starsdance Astrology Online Mystery School. If you have one that is not listed here, please contact us at starsdance.mysteryschool@gmail.com

What is Starsdance Mystery School?

We are an online collective of educators that reveal the mysteries of astrology and magic through a modern, queer lens. Facilitated by eclectic practitioners of the Reclaiming Tradition of witchcraft, we strive to make this sacred science accessible and relevant to modern day members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community.

What do we teach?

“As Below, So Above”

Our curriculum includes classes on various astrology subjects that are beginner-friendly, while also serving as a fresh perspective for the seasoned astrologer. We weave in opportunities for self-reflection and empowered action through studying the stars: encouraging students to discover and embrace their True Self as an essential part of the cosmos.

Who teaches these courses?

Tere Parsley Starnes, Aurora Dawning, Juniper Caldera, and Cabra Woodwell are creating content for Starsdance Mystery School. See our bios.

Where do we teach?

Online via email/Patreon(for content) Discord (our classroom) and via Zoom webinars.

What is Discord?

Used by gamers for years, Discord is a free voice, video and chat app that can be used on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Similar to Slack, it serves as our social platform that allows students from around the world to learn together through sharing images, posting links and deep conversation in a safe container.

What does tuition cost?

Check out our price plan on Patreon. There are 4 tiers of membership. The top two (BIPOC Moons and Planets) will be registered for all our classes and other wonderful offerings.

We want to make this community available to as many people as possible while also ensuring that our work is justly compensated. If the sliding fee is outside of your budget, please contact us at starsdance.mysteryschool@gmail.com to discuss other options.

Why does this school exist?

Astrology is a meaningful language of self-discovery and connection. As experienced facilitators of magic, paradox, astrology, and change, this school serves as our long-term commitment to sharing these elements with a willing community of learners and practitioners. 

Join us on Social Media!

You can find us spinning cyber-webs of magic at: starsdance.mysteryschool (Instagram) Starsdance Mystery School (Facebook)