Mystery School

Update! The dream of Starsdance Mystery School is a reality! We have begun our second year and you can find out all about it on the Mystery School website.

What if we could gather together a community of people who want to learn and share ideas about using astrology for intentional magic? What if this community was linked together through online study and community? The Starsdance Mystery School is a dream that has become an intention and a project. 

Since 2017, Aurora and I have offered online classes from the point of view of a Witch. That is to say, astrology that invites us into intentional relationship with the world. I would call that intentional relationship, magic. Magic is a relationship with the seen and unseen to effect change in consciousness and circumstances. It asks: How can we change ourselves? How can we change the world?

The project is to create an online community, or mystery school, where we can offer these classes, but also where folks who are interested in such things can share their journeys.

Astrology and magic is a big topic. Some things we’ve explored for a while, others we are learning too. We are excited to see what develops. I am thrilled to share this project with Aurora. To keep informed about our mystery school, sign up for our mailing list below

You can also join us on social media: starsdance.mysteryschool (Instagram) Starsdance Mystery School (Facebook)

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